A Trip With Friends

08 November 2009

I have been planning on taking a trip with a few friends of mine and I am very excited about it. We are going to have a lot of fun together and we haven’t been able to do that in a long time. I have already gotten my plane ticket and a hotel room for us and even was able to arrange for us to get a cheap car hire. I wasn’t planning on getting the car but because I was able to find everything at such great prices I was able to afford it; Plus the fact that we are all splitting the cost.

Come to The Pier

02 November 2009

Brighton Pier marks  its 110th anniversary this month with its contribution to the town being marked by an talk attended by the mighty and the great of the town!Scott Marshall, Director of Culture & Enterprise for Brighton & Hove City Council will give an  observing on the past, present and future of the role of culture, tourism and heritage within the town, within which Brighton Pier plays an majorfunction.In addition, Jeremy Brinkworth from Visit England will be the guest speaker and will offerthoughts into the fuller role of tourism within the area and the substantial part towns such as Brighton and Hove provideto the local and national economy.Anne Martin, General Manager of Brighton Pier comments: “As a Grade 2* listed building, Brighton Pier is an integral part of Brighton’s heritage and through ongoing private investment we have developed and maintained its status as one of the leading attractions in the.This event is designed to celebrate and acknowledge all that is great about Brighton as well as 110 years of the Pier. We want to continue to engage with the diverse range of businesses, groups, communities and individuals that ensure our city is one of the UK’s premier tourist destinations.”  Brighton Short Breaks hasa hostf luxuryapartments and flats within close distance of the pier for visitors to the town to get the most fromthis favourite landmark! self catering brighton


Choose From a Wide Variety of California Vacation Rentals

28 October 2009

My wife and I have been working way too hard lately and really need a vacation.  My wife was afraid to ask for time off from work, but when I insisted that she ask she agreed to try.  I knew I would be able to take some time off, so it was all up to her.  When she came home from work that night she was beside herself with excitement.  She was going to be off for two full weeks.  We immediately went online and looked at the many California vacation rentals that were available.  It was so easy to find one we liked and make the reservations.  We leave in just five days and can hardly wait.

Amsterdam City Breaks That Focus on the Nightlife

26 October 2009

I love to travel. Last year my friends and I traveled all over the world. We went to Australia, Europe and the US. We really liked Europe. We decided that we wanted to go back there but our funds were limited. My friend suggested that we looked for some inexpensive amsterdam city breaks. It would offer us a lot of sightseeing for a little money and we would be back in Amsterdam, one of our favorite cities. We loved the idea and went to work finding a break that we all could agree upon. We decided on a week-end break that focused on Amsterdam nightlife.

African walking tours are a great way to experience Africa

26 October 2009

If you like a little more adventure in your holidays then the eco vacation may be what you are looking for, you get the chance to see out of the way places to see the wildlife that are there, you stay in eco lodges that are specially built to offer comfort but not hurt  the area. The experience of cultural walking holidays is a first class assortment of al fresco and interior delights. Cultural walking holiday could involve of popping to the gothic structures or a stroll to the forested glade.  The vibrancy gained by African walking tours is able to stimulate one’s senses and make you feel calmed even as you wander one place at a time. The cultural events that are repeatedly happening in each county can range from mid summer celebrations to grand operatic performances.   The sites we’ve observed and travelled to including a walking holiday over time is sure to be loved by you too.

Mary Kay and David McLane take over Charleston Resort Maps operations

20 October 2009

Resort Maps, creator of more than 90 customized travel maps across the United States, England and Puerto Rico, recently announced Mary Kay and David McLane as the new owners of their Charleston, South Carolina operations. The Charleston residents took over the publishing of the South Carolina map for Judy Warner, effective October 1, 2009.

Resort Maps are colorful, hand-drawn maps of towns and cities, distributed free to area visitors at rest and travel information areas as well by advertisers. The Best of Charleston Map highlights local attractions, restaurants, accommodations, retail shops, real estate and other services in the greater Charleston area. Each advertiser on the map is represented with a display ad surrounding the perimeter of the map, including a color-coded grid locator and their actual building drawn, highlighted and labeled, making it easy to locate.

Hotels Yorkshire, Yorkshire Cottages and B&b Yorkshire

17 October 2009

If you are traveling to or visiting in Yorkshire you will want to know of the best accommodations including Hotels in Yorkshire, Yorkshire Cottages and B&b Yorkshire.

Beginning with the B&B’s in Yorkshire is the lovely Amber House which is located at 36 Bootham Crescent in Clifton, Yorkshire. This B&B in Yorkshire is a Victorian style house that is located on a quiet street in a residential neighborhood. It is close to the York Monster and many of the other most popular tourist attractions in the area. It has been given a four star rating by those sending in comments after staying there.

For Hotels Yorkshire one of the most well known and popular is the Aston Hall. This beautiful hotel is surrounded by over 50 acres of woodlands. It is an 18th Century property that has been completely renovated into a modern hotel, yet with many of the original features.It includes 52 rooms that are very stylish and a restaurant on the grounds. There is a separate house on the grounds also, called the Darcy House which can be booked for use. It has 4 bedrooms and is decorated very nicely.

For Yorkshire Cottages there is the Westwood Lodge Ilkley Moor which has had the honor of receiving many awards for its beauty, service and outstanding ratings among customers. This Yorkshire cottage is only a ten minute walk away from the center of Ilkley with public transportation available. It is surrounded by over 1,00 acres of moor land. The furnishings of the cottages include warm designs to help you relax while on holiday. All cottages are fully equipped with a dishwasher, microwave and stereo equipment.

Boracay Philippines, Relax Your Stress Away

16 October 2009

Want to venture your travels to a tropical paradise, away from the rest of the world — visit Boracay Philippines. It is a small, tropical island getaway that will take away all of your worries and take away all your inhibitions. With the white, sandy beaches and the water, you can enjoy windsurfing, snorkeling, boating, and even fishing. Another thing that Boracay offers is excellent cuisine, with all the fine dining a person could wish for. Whether it is a for a couple or a family of four, this travel spot will accommodate all members of the family and everyone will be smiling.

No Fault New York

14 October 2009

The state of New York follows the no fault system. Which means, when you are in an accident after being at a private party nyc, your insurance company will pay for your injury claims no matter who is at fault. This can be extremely helpful in your time of need. Especially, if the insurance company of the person found in fault drags their feet or the other person does not have any insurance. You will not have to worry about paying the cost out of your pocket and having to wait to be reimbursed. This becomes a gigantic benefit if the accident causes you to lose anytime or money from not being able to work.

Finding Furnished Apartments in Miami is Easy

12 October 2009

My husband came home one day last month and told me he had to go to Miami on business for two weeks.  He suggested that our son and I go along since we hadn’t had a vacation yet.  His company would pay for the room where he stayed, so I would just have to buy my own airline ticket since our son was just eighteen months old.  It sounded like a great idea so we started looking online for suitable accommodations.  We found a website that listed a number of really nice Miami furnished apartments that were perfect.  Best of all the price was withing the budget my husband had been allotted for his hotel room.

Popular Vegas Hotel

08 October 2009

It may not be the most glamorous Vegas hotel, but what Bally’s lacks in glitz, it more than makes up for in price and location. With anoutdoor walkway that leads to the Bellagio and a passage to the Paris from inside the hotel, you can take full advantage of three casinos with very little effort. Plus, the hotel has its own spa, nightclubs, and restaurants to keep you entertained. The best part, however, is the price of rooms start at $59 per night in January (at press time). Plus, you can save on stays any time of year through the website’s hot deals section.

What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, but we are asking you to break this rule just this once and share any and all tips on the best places to stay, ways to save, and even things to do to help our readers plan a great vacation.


Finding New York Cheap Hotels

03 October 2009


I travel around the country quite a bit but had never been to “The Big Apple” until recently. Let me tell you, finding New York cheap hotels was a lesson in changing my view on what “cheap” was. After two nights in a hotel that cost me about $115 per night and having a room that was “almost” big enough for the bed and required a walk down the hall to use the toilet or showers, I decided to “splurge” and spend $180 per night for the rest of my stay at another hotel. While it’s more than I’m used to paying, it turns out that my $180/night place was actually about the best bargain for a hotel room in town.