Welcome to The Mad Priest, and to the timeless rituals of communion, revelry, and friendship. We believe that good drinks open our minds to new possibilities, spark creativity, and bridge people and cultures.

Our endeavor is to continue in the tradition of the early coffee houses of the Ottoman Empire that were places of socializing, intellectual discourse, political debate, and of course, lots of chess. We’re so glad you’re here with us to celebrate the array of color and culture that is our world.


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We proudly serve our own locally roasted coffee, roasted on a 15 kilo Probat just down the road by our Head Roaster, Luke Pigott. With over two decades of combined experience in the industry, we roasted and brew the best. With multiple SCA certifications and awards, we strive to serve you the best.

We serve a range of espresso drinks, drip coffee and manual brews of some of our proud single-origin coffee. We also have a range of seasonal drinks and coffee cocktails that you won’t want to miss!

Come experience what Food & Wine claimed as Runner-Up of “Best Coffee in Every State” for Tennessee.


When we first decided to combine the craft of coffee and cocktails in a singular space, one of the main reasons was the striking similarity of the two. Both are crops grown by farmers, produced and sent to be roasted or distilled, and completed as a final beverage by bartenders or baristas (fancy Italian word for bartender).

Just like our coffee, we only serve the best. With an intentional selection of fine spirits, our menu showcases our house creations alongside some of the greatest classics.

Our program is directed by Jen Gregory, who is an industry veteran of over 20 years. With some excellent bartenders behind her at the helm, you surely will not be disappointed.

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